Modelling of the subgrid scale wrinkling factor for large eddy simulation of turbulent premixed combustion

Fabien Thiesset, Guillaume Maurice, Fabien Halter, Nicolas Mazellier, Christian Chauveau, Iskender Gökalp
2016 Combustion theory and modelling  
We propose a model for assessing the unresolved wrinkling factor in LES of turbulent premixed combustion. It relies essentially on a power-law dependence of the wrinkling factor to the filter size and an original expression for the 'active' corrugating strain rate. The latter is written as a product of an efficiency function which accounts for viscous effects and the kinematic constraint of Peters, by a recent expression for the turbulent strain intensity. Yields functional expressions for the
more » ... xpressions for the fractal dimension and the inner cut-off length scale, the latter being (i) filter-size independent and (ii) consistent with the Damköhler asymptotic behaviours at both large and small Karlovitz numbers. A new expression for the wrinkling factor which incorporates finite Reynolds numbers effects is further proposed. Finally, the model is successfully assessed on an experimental filtered database.
doi:10.1080/13647830.2016.1139749 fatcat:bolv4g4z2vb45po2ctwx2tzs5u