A consistent, scalable model for Eulerian spray modeling

A. Pandal, J.M. Pastor, J.M. García-Oliver, E. Baldwin, D.P. Schmidt
2016 International Journal of Multiphase Flow  
Despite great practical interest in how sprays emanate from fuel injectors, the near-nozzle region has remained a challenge for spray modelers. Recently, Eulerian models have shown promise in capturing the fast gas-liquid interactions in the near field. However, with the inclusion of compressibility, it can be difficult to maintain consistency between the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic variables. In order to resolve numerical inconsistencies that occur in segregated solutions of Eulerian spray
more » ... odel equations as well as to provide good scalability and stability, a new construction of a Σ-Y model is introduced. This construction is built around an IMEX-RK3 algorithm which offers accuracy and efficiency. The new algorithm is compared to an existing implementation for speed and is validated against experimental measurements of spray evolution in order to test the accuracy. The predictions of the new construction are slightly more accurate and, when tested on 256 processors, 34 times faster.
doi:10.1016/j.ijmultiphaseflow.2016.04.003 fatcat:7pzxseyfmnfetcnqtvqehbaady