On Irregularity Measures of Some Dendrimers Structures

Wei Gao, Muhammad Aamir, Zahid Iqbal, Muhammad Ishaq, Adnan Aslam
2019 Mathematics  
A graph is said to be a regular graph if all its vertices have the same degree, otherwise, it is irregular. Irregularity indices are usually used for quantitative characterization of the topological structure of non-regular graphs. In numerous applications and problems in material engineering and chemistry, it is useful to be aware that how irregular a molecular structure is? Furthermore, evaluations of the irregularity of underline molecular graphs could be valuable for QSAR/QSPR studies, and
more » ... or the expressive determines of chemical and physical properties, such as enthalpy of vaporization, toxicity, resistance, Entropy, melting and boiling points. In this paper, we think over the following four irregularity measures: the irregularity index by Albertson, σ irregularity index, the total irregularity index and the variance of vertex degrees. By way of graph structural estimation and derivations, we determine these irregularity measures of the molecular graphs of different classes of dendrimers.
doi:10.3390/math7030271 fatcat:ht63iblqxzcwlgrz62jedtkrem