High‐Resolution Proper Motions in a Sunspot Penumbra

I. Marquez, J. Sanchez Almeida, J. A. Bonet
2006 Astrophysical Journal  
Local correlation tracking techniques are used to measure proper motions in a series of high angular resolution (~0.1 arcsec) penumbra images. If these motions trace true plasma motions, then we have detected converging flows that arrange the plasma in long narrow filaments co-spatial with dark penumbral filaments. Assuming that these flows are stationary, the vertical stratification of the atmosphere and the conservation of mass suggest downflows in the filaments of the order of 200 m/s. The
more » ... r of 200 m/s. The association between downflows and dark features may be a sign of convection, as it happens with the non-magnetic granulation. Insufficient spatial resolution may explain why the estimated vertical velocities are not fast enough to supply the radiative losses of penumbrae.
doi:10.1086/498668 fatcat:zucjn77akneqhfua6ajn3jjj4i