Die Beziehung von PR und Journalismus

Bianca Fellinger
2012 unpublished
The main focus of this thesis runs in the empirical stu-dy of selected inputs to the corresponding output. First and foremost, it is examined how influental press releases are according to the subsequent reports resp. how big the part of the right inherited aspects of a press release is. Subsequently, it addresses the factors that journalists on the one hand take over a press re-lease completely and what factors on the other hand cause them to investigate further and see the received press
more » ... se only as an impetus for research. As a support of communication studies serves the "In-tereffikationsmodell" by Bentele et al. The results presented in this model, adaptation and induction by public relations and journalism have been applied to the analyzed input and output. The underlying "Determinationsthese" of the "Intereffikationsmodell" by Baerns was furthermore also examined. In which categories differ press releases and the sub-sequent reports? Is a press release content as well be taken over by journalists totally? Is there an additive research for each report? How big is the part of self-researched reports? Is the self-researched part of a report relating to a whole new area, or do they only have a complementary function? Are there some quotes from press releases which are used more frequently than others in reporting? Why might this be so? What kind of quotes are this resp. who are they from? How much time elapses between receipt of the press release and publication of the report? Are there adaptation services performed by the part of journalists at the time level? How strong are they? The theoretical part of this work is devoted to a com-prehensive literature review which is the support for the second, empirical part. In the empirical part press releases are analaysed on the subject of "lawsuit of the VAP against UPC, in order to obtain a revocation of kino.to". Moreover these press releases are analyzed using a previously created code sheet. The same hap-pens subsequently to the output. Then the results [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.23173 fatcat:lg3xyh2ogrd4pdjxharuzb6vzq