Analysis of 3-DOF Cutting Stability of Titanium Alloy Helical Milling Based on PKM and Machining Quality Optimization

Xuda Qin, Mengrui Shi, Zhuojie Hou, Shipeng Li, Hao Li, Haitao Liu
2022 Machines  
Aiming at the requirements of titanium alloy holes in aircraft industry, the 3-DOF cutting stability and surface quality optimization of parallel kinematic manipulator (PKM) are studied. The variation of natural frequencies with the end-effector position of the PKM is analyzed. The cutting force model of titanium alloy helical milling based PKM is developed, and the cutting force coefficients are identified. The prediction model for 3-DOF the stability of helical milling based on the PKM is
more » ... blished through a Semi-Discrete method, and the stability lobes are obtained. The correctness of the stability lobes is verified by subjecting the cutting force signal to time-frequency transformation and roughness detection. The step-cutter is used for machining process improvement to enhance the stability domain. The method proposed in this paper can provide a reference for further optimization of the prediction and optimization of the milling process of difficult-to-process materials based on PKM in the future.
doi:10.3390/machines10050404 fatcat:iynnywkwybaoxgiiwqgrim3lsq