Particle Swarm Optimization Fractional Slope Entropy: A New Time Series Complexity Indicator for Bearing Fault Diagnosis

Yuxing Li, Lingxia Mu, Peiyuan Gao
2022 Fractal and Fractional  
Slope entropy (SlEn) is a time series complexity indicator proposed in recent years, which has shown excellent performance in the fields of medical and hydroacoustics. In order to improve the ability of SlEn to distinguish different types of signals and solve the problem of two threshold parameters selection, a new time series complexity indicator on the basis of SlEn is proposed by introducing fractional calculus and combining particle swarm optimization (PSO), named PSO fractional SlEn
more » ... SlEn). Then we apply PSO-FrSlEn to the field of fault diagnosis and propose a single feature extraction method and a double feature extraction method for rolling bearing fault based on PSO-FrSlEn. The experimental results illustrated that only PSO-FrSlEn can classify 10 kinds of bearing signals with 100% classification accuracy by using double features, which is at least 4% higher than the classification accuracies of the other four fractional entropies.
doi:10.3390/fractalfract6070345 fatcat:djto7rclrjan7pwfo6zdixqs5y