Longitudinal observation on Anterior Trunk Height, Iliospinal Height, Biacromial Breadth and Bicristal Breadth of JapaneseAmerican Hybrids from 6 to 15 Years of Age

Akiyoshi SUDA, Hiroshi HOSHI, Moriharu ETO, Kumi ASHIZAWA, Teruyuki Hojo
1973 The Journal of Anthropological Society of Nippon  
Japanese-American hybrid children, 60 males and 31 females, were measured repeatedly over a period from 6 to 15 years of age. Their growth was compared with that of the parental groups, Americans and Japanese. In general, White hybrids had longer trunk, shorter leg, narrower shoulder and broader pelvis than Negro hybrids, reflecting the difference between American Whites and Negroes. In respect to vertical sizes and proportions, hybrids tended to approach to the Japanese in both sexes.
more » ... n came to rest in such a conclusion that genetic factor might be most responsible for this fact. In respect to transverse sizes and proportions, however, the relationship between hybrids and their parental groups was rather complicated.
doi:10.1537/ase1911.81.185 fatcat:pjqjdabnybaibj4cns4blc342m