Monitoring of the tourism industry as a means of improving the efficiency of state economy regulation

2020 Economics. Finances. Law  
Introduction. The development of the tourism industry significantly affects the development of the country's economy as a whole. Its role is determined not only in the financial contribution, but also in stimulating other related industries that perform both ancillary and independent functions. The modern Ukrainian tourist market is undergoing many changes, so one of the current problems today is the use of effective tools for finding and systematizing the necessary information to forecast the
more » ... evelopment of the tourism industry. The purpose of the paper is to define the concept of monitoring the tourism industry as a means of improving the efficiency of state regulation of the economy, proving the importance of monitoring research, identifying problems of monitoring and ways to solve them. Results. The main purpose of tourism monitoring is to assess and forecast the state of tourism. Tourist services are localized and specialize in meeting the socio-economic needs of the population directly at the municipal level and are one of the main sources of funds coming to the state budget and ensure the reproduction of social infrastructure. In order to analyze trends in tourism and tourism in Ukraine, as well as assess the socio-economic effect of the implementation of measures of state support for domestic and inbound tourism, the central executive bodies of state regions of Ukraine, carrying out executive and administrative activities in tourism, the state of the tourism industry is being monitored. Given the large recreational and tourist potential in Ukraine, there is no full-fledged system of monitoring the market of tourist services by the state. This is due to the lack of an independent executive body in the field of tourism, endowed with certain powers, and a single system of statistical indicators of the market of tourist services. Modern statistics, both at the state and regional levels, do not give a complete picture of the state of tourism. Monitoring of tourist resources, objects of the tourist industry should give a clear picture of interaction of various branches of economy of the republic for the purposes of a complex estimation of directions of improvement and efficiency of functioning of the connected branches, exclusion of interbranch disproportions which negatively affect general development. Conclusion. To increase the growth rate of the tourism industry, the formation of a positive tourist image of the region, increase its visibility requires constant monitoring of the state and development of the tourism market. Monitoring will allow tracking the trends of the tourism market in the dynamics and promptly make changes to the developed programs and plans for the development of the tourism industry, develop recommendations for their adjustment, increase the effectiveness of tourism management.
doi:10.37634/efp.2020.5(2).1 fatcat:hzy6htpbgvdkfa5b4krta52il4