Partner Relationship in Meeting the Needs of the Patients and Their Families

Brankica Juranić, Štefica Mikšić, Metka Lipič Baligač, Klaudija Knezić
2018 Southeastern European medical journal  
A nurse is the first person who comes in contact with the patients and the family members, with whom she shares information by means of verbal and non-verbal communication with the goal of establishing a good relationship and focusing her attention on the patient as a whole person. Nurse's sincere thoughts and feelings are the best precondition for creating a sense of security and open communication, which are a prerequisite for providing healthcare and inclusion of the family in the decision
more » ... y in the decision making. A nurse who spends her time by the endangered patient's side is planning, implementing, evaluating and documenting the changes in the patient's condition, and the healthcare is then focused on meeting the physiological needs and maintaining of stable condition of the patient. Struggle for life does not leave any time for the family to adjust to the new situation. Establishing a partner relationship patient – family – nurse is important not only in the beginning, but also during the whole treatment and decision-making. When the relationships within the family are stable, the family has an irreplaceable role in developing the sense of security and belonging for the patient. Providing care for the patient is a priority for the healthcare team, and the most significant for the family are sincere and correct information about the current condition, the effect of the applied therapy and the possible outcome of the treatment. Developing of care philosophy which is focused on the family and the holistic approach includes assessment of family needs and impact of the disease on its overall functioning. Cultural factors have a significant role in the ability to understand the patient's but also the family's point of view. Medical, ethical, legal and a whole range of other problems connected to the receiver and provider of services are avoided by means of effective communication. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of partner relationship, focusing on the family and essential role of the nurse in decision m [...]
doi:10.26332/seemedj.v2i1.56 doaj:d80275d6ccc242b09e76d4811d010b37 fatcat:qcxmmlckwbcjfffcnaxww6sooq