Modeling and Real-timecontrol of MAV with Multi-rotors

Xiang-jian Chen, Di Li, Zhi-jun Xu, Yue Bai
2013 International Journal of Control and Automation  
We introduce one configuration of a multi rotor Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) composed of six rotors. Accurate modeling and robust flight control of the SixRotor MAV are discussed in this work. Rigorous dynamic model of the SixRotor MAV is obtained both in reference and body frame coordinate systems. The main characteristic of this configuration is the gyroscopic effects and aerodynamic torques tend to be cancelled in the trimmed flight due to the unique mechanical structure, and the attitude and
more » ... ranslation dynamics are decoupled which is benefit for designing the control scheme. A disturbance compensator based controller using the derived dynamic models is proposed here for robust hovering control. The disturbance compensator based controller designed by regarding the inaccurate part of the model and sensor noises as disturbances. The validity of the proposed control method has been verified through real-time experiments. The experimental results show that the performance of disturbance compensator based controller performs very well under sensor noise and external disturbances, and have more superiority than traditional PID controller.
doi:10.14257/ijca.2013.6.5.05 fatcat:ovmvb4wym5fldbzdmrx6bt6ddq