New Generator Design with Enhanced Output Waveform for Non-Destructive Radar Sensor Measurements

Younes Ahajjam, Otman Aghzout, José M. Catala-Civera, Felipe Peñaranda-Foix, Abdellah Driouach, A. Khamlichi
2018 MATEC Web of Conferences  
In this paper, a high power UWB monocycle generator for Non-Destructive Microwave Radar-Sensor detection is presented. The full radar system is compound with a designed UWB generator, two commercial antennas, and an oscilloscope as a receptor. The generator is composed of three essential parts-circuits, an avalanche transistor, an SRD pulse sharping and an MFN. The main idea in this work is to convert the square waveform to a driving pulse with the parameters required by the SRD pulse
more » ... to obtain an output Gaussian pulse. This output pulse is converted then into a monocycle pulse. As we know, for a good range radar measurement, a high amplitude of pulse with a minimum ringing is indispensable, especially when the measurements requires many accuracies. In order to increase the pulse of the transmitter, a useful technique has been introduced; this technique consists of making the discharge path as short as possible. The applicant technique leads also to minimize the ringing in the output pulse. The measurements had been carrying out in an anechoic chamber, with the distance between 50 and 270 cm. Good Agreements between the measured and calculated results are achieved, therefore, this system can be considered very attractive in many application fields.
doi:10.1051/matecconf/201819100002 fatcat:rdohulwzu5hxnajhox5hne3sti