European Integration-Realities and Perspectives Aspects of Comparative Law regarding the Interceptions and Audio or Video Recordings Aspects of Comparative Law regarding the Interceptions and Audio or Video Recordings

" Al, Cuza, Sandra Gradinaru
1994 unpublished
The area of law-breakings for which can be disposed the interception and registration of the phone calls can be pretty wide. Therefore, in the case in which solid clues exist that one person would have committed, as an Originator or Participant, law directed towards one land that jeopardize the international safety or the defense capacity of the country, these measures can be authorized. The present piece of work suggests a comparative analysis regulations and the international ones, in the
more » ... rial submitted to study, in the conditions in which we can notice, at the European Union level, a consolidation of the cooperation in the penal jurisdiction., national security, economic welfare of the country, the defence of order and the prevention of penal a others' rights and liberties. As for the phone interceptions, the Court states that, even though paragraph 1 of article 8 does not mention the phone conversations, they are implied, being comprised in the notio and "correspondence" taken into account by the text. A compared analysis between the specifications regarding the problem discussed presents special importance, in the conditions where it is notice the penal field, significant contributions in this respect being the principle of mutual recognition of the law decisions, the European mandate of arrest and the frame regarding the intensification 1 Ratified by our country by Law no. 30/1994 regarding the ratification of the Convention for the defence of human rights and fundamental liberties and the additional protocols to this convention, published in the Official Monitor, Part I no. 31.