Knowledge-based modeling of discrete-event simulation systems

H. de Swaan Arons
WSC'99. 1999 Winter Simulation Conference Proceedings. 'Simulation - A Bridge to the Future' (Cat. No.99CH37038)  
Modeling a simulation system requires a great deal of customization. At first sight no system seems to resemble exactly another system and every time a new model has to be designed the modeler has to start from scratch. The present simulation languages provide the modeler with powerful tools that greatly facilitate building models (modules for arrivals or servers, etc.). Yet, also with these tools the modeler constantly has the feeling that he is reinventing the wheel again and again. Maybe the
more » ... nd again. Maybe the model he is about to design already exists (maybe the modeler has designed it himself some time ago) or maybe a model already exists that sufficiently resembles the model to be designed. In this article an approach is discussed that deploys knowledge-based systems to help selecting a model from a database of existing models. Also, if the model is not present in the database, would it be possible to select a model that in some sense is close to the model that the modeler had in mind?
doi:10.1109/wsc.1999.823139 dblp:conf/wsc/Arons99 fatcat:sbhh2bzgafdbzbzp46mybzjaka