Application of Multitracer Technique to the Studies on Migration of Trace Elements in Geosphere

Yoshio TAKAHASHI, Yoshitaka MINAI, Chie EGAWA, Tomoharu MIFUNE, Rieko HIRUNUMA, Shuichi ENOMOTO
Our recent studies applying multitracer technique to environmental and geochemical studies are shown. These studies have focused on migration of trace elements in geochsphere including simultaneous determination of stability constants of metal complexes with humic acid, comparison of sorption behavior of various metal ions on kaoinite in the presence of humic acid, and diffusion behavior of various ions through pore water of granite. Through these studies, it has become clear that multitracer
more » ... that multitracer tehcnique is a powerful to investigate environmental and geochemical issues, since it can provide information on various metal ions in a modeled system without any consideration on sample preparation and careful experiments to avoid contaminations usually needed for trace element analysis.
doi:10.14891/analscisp.17icas.0.i621.0 fatcat:zgusx5hg6fcjrp2z3xayfqe7oq