Synthesis of Glycoluril Dimers with the Ability to Form Polymeric Self-Associates in Water

Jan Sokolov, Vladimír Šindelář
2022 Chemistry  
Supramolecular self-assembly in water resulting in polymeric structures is emerging because of its potential in the preparation of adaptive materials with applications in biology and medicine. Here, we report the first example of host molecules based on glycoluril dimers, which self-associate into linear oligomers in water. The degree of polymerization for the resulting supramolecular aggregates was calculated using the isodesmic model and the Carothers equation. The model compound was prepared
more » ... to enable a deeper understanding of the forces responsible for the self-association of the glycoluril dimer-based monomers in water.
doi:10.3390/chemistry4030053 fatcat:fap2y2zysveqpjkl2vr2h3mvf4