Performance Studies of Superconducting Dipoles for the Fermilab Energy Doubler [report]

Darrell Drickey, R. Flora, B. Strauss, D. Sutter
1975 unpublished
The Energy Doubler magnet development and testing program was initiated in September 1972 and has thus far proceeded through three phases. 112 In the first phase, several wire winding geometries and the ability to reproduce magnet field properties in a pair of dipoles were explored. This phase closed with construction and operation of a 20 foot dipole magnet. When the 20 foot magnet did not perform to expectations phase 2, a program of 2.5 foot prototype construction, was initiated. Twelve 2Y,
more » ... oot magnets were tested to evaluate problems of excessive training and failure to go to short sample. Sufficient information was gained about mechanical structure, wire properties and coil cooling from these studies to cause an extensive redesign of the basic Energy Doubler dipole magnet. 2
doi:10.2172/1155337 fatcat:kkakxvuoh5bw3k2hvja7ka5xc4