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1897 Scientific American  
Louisa, Ky. A dam which may be raised and lowered at will, by means of a chain connected with a sultable motor, is provided by tb18 Invention. It Is formed of A shaped trestles, placed side l,y side on a snltable.fonnda don acrOBB the stream, and hinged to journal boxes in the foundation, the upstream posts of tbe treaties forming the barrier, and when down lying one with another on the foundation, forming no obstruction to navigation. A continuous chain connects each tre.t1e with raising and
more » ... wering machinery on tbe abutments at the side, and there is a footpatb at tbe top above the proposed pool level. Openings near tbe tops of the trestles permit the pIIBI II Ige of surplus water. Electrical. VOLTAGE REGULATOR FOR DYNAMOS. -Thomas M. Pusey, Kennet, Pa. To automatically con trol the yoltage of a generator, and a1I'ord a practically even current throngh a circuit leading from tbe dynamo to the lamps or other devices, this inventor provides a simple mechanism comprising a rheostat In a shnnt cir cuit wherein Is a helix operating a balanced beam and serving 88 a contact closer, there being a rh�tat ope rating· motor with electrically operated brake for Its armature, and connections between the armature and rheostat. The re.lstunce of the beam may be regnlated as desired by weights placed in pans.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01161897-44c fatcat:4rlmfah55bfh7psqu2hwr52g2e