10.4115/jla.v2i0.64 [dataset]

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Some models of set theory are given which contain sets that have some of the important characteristics of being geometric, or spatial, yet do not have any points, in various ways. What's geometrical is that there are functions to these spaces defined on the ambient spaces which act much like distance functions, and they carry normable Riesz spaces which act like the Riesz spaces of real-valued functions. The first example, already sketched in [4], has a family of sets, each one of which cannot
more » ... ne of which cannot be empty, but not in a uniform manner, so that it is false that all of them are inhabited. In the second, we define one fixed set which does not have any points, while retaining all of these geometrical properties. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification 03F50, 03C62, 03E25, 03E70, 46A40, 46B40 (primary)
doi:10.4115/jla.v2i0.64 fatcat:inggovxyrbcydmlpvflwppvyeq