New Nut Tapping Machine

1882 Scientific American  
We give herewith perspective and plan views, also a sec tional elevation, of a new and very efficient nnt tapping ma chine made by Messrs. Howard Brothers, Fredonia, N. Y. This machine has seven spindles, and its capacity is 8,000 nnts per day of ten hours. The efficiency of this machine is snfficiently attested by the fact that a large number of the most important railway corporations, car manufacturers, locomotive works, machine shops, agricultural tool manufacturers, iron works, etc., etc.,
more » ... n the country are using them. Some of these firms are using as many as fifteen machines. This machine runs seven taps with three different speeds, and b so arranged that two of the taps may be run with the fastest, two with the slowest, and three at the medinm speed, at the same time-the gearing being arranged to enable the operator to get the desired speed for any given sized tap; or all may be run at any of the three speeds, if so desired, by havmg the necessary gears. By the snbstitution of the necessary gearing-which is easily, two,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07011882-8 fatcat:6bxksavxjvdypckxl6zxqm7tz4