Digital image steganography and steganalysis: A journey of the past three decades

Aditya Kumar Sahu, Monalisa Sahu
2020 Open Computer Science  
AbstractSteganography is the science and art of covert communication. Conversely, steganalysis is the study of uncovering the steganographic process. The evolution of steganography has been paralleled by the development of steganalysis. In this game of hide and seek, the two player's steganography and steganalysis always want to break the other down. Over the past three decades, research has produced a plethora of remarkable image steganography techniques (ISTs). The major challenge for most of
more » ... these ISTs is to achieve a fair balance between the metrics such as high hiding capacity (HC), better imperceptibility, and improved security. This study aims to present an exhaustive scrutiny of various ISTs from the classical to recent developments in the spatial domain, with respect to various image steganographic metrics. Further, the current status, recent developments, open challenges, and promising directions in this field are also highlighted.
doi:10.1515/comp-2020-0136 fatcat:24hkc66e6fcqldeh4b3ivzjn3m