El concepto de técnica de la naturaleza fundamento de la idea kantiana de finalidad

Silvia del Luján Di Sanza
2020 Zenodo  
The concept of the technique of nature is a concept that is not very well taken care of by the commentators of the Third Critique, in particular by those who interpret this work from Kant's position in the Critique of Pure Reason. The development of the idea of reflection, the discovery of a transcendental capacity for reflection: the Urteilskraft, the need to think about the incorporation of the empirical singular into a transcendental order and, all of this, according to the unity of the
more » ... m of philosophy, makes the text of the Third Critique a work worthy of a reading and interpretation from itself, which sheds light on the previous Critics. In this work we will expose the concept of the technique of nature as the foundation of Kantian's idea of finality (formal logical, aesthetic and teleological finality), from which Kant can establish his difference with the idea of finality present in the philosophical tradition and enable its coexistence with the mechanical legality of modern science. We will present the exhibition in three parts: 1. The technique of nature and the transcendental principle of finality; 2. The technique of nature as aesthetic reflection and 3. The technique of nature as a teleological reflection
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4294118 fatcat:q2cqblyy6baanb5s2762zqzm2a