A Modified Disturbance Observer Structure Based on Acceleration Measurement for Disturbance Suppression in Tracking Control System

Jiuqiang Deng, Wei Ren, Hanwen Zhang, Yong Luo, Xi Zhou, Yao Mao
2018 Applied Sciences  
The micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) accelerometer is widely adopted in many engineering control systems due to its extraordinary performance with high bandwidth, small size and low weight. However, massive drift caused by its insensitively at low frequency is the main factor which limits its performance. It leads to integral saturation when the feedforward method is used and hinders the improvement of disturbance suppression ability at low frequency, which is a significant factor for
more » ... uating the closed-loop performance of a high-precision tracking system. To solve this problem, a modified disturbance observer structure and its corresponding new controller, which can improve disturbance suppression performance at low frequency by effectively rejecting more drift and weakening the occurrence possibility of integral saturation when drift exists, are proposed. Detailed analyses and a series of comparative experimental results verify that the proposed method can effectively enhance disturbance suppression performance at low frequency.
doi:10.3390/app8091571 fatcat:yqxzx5ewejbulfiakueghlnugy