View suggestion for interactive segmentation of indoor scenes

Sheng Yang, Jie Xu, Kang Chen, Hongbo Fu
2017 Computational Visual Media  
Point cloud segmentation is a fundamental problem. Due to the complexity of real-world scenes and the limitations of 3D scanners, interactive segmentation is currently the only way to cope with all kinds of point clouds. However, interactively segmenting complex and large-scale scenes is very time-consuming. In this paper, we present a novel interactive system for segmenting point cloud scenes. Our system automatically suggests a series of camera views, in which users can conveniently specify
more » ... veniently specify segmentation guidance. In this way, users may focus on specifying segmentation hints instead of manually searching for desirable views of unsegmented objects, thus significantly reducing user effort. To achieve this, we introduce a novel view preference model, which is based on a set of dedicated view attributes, with weights learned from a user study. We also introduce support relations for both graph-cut-based segmentation and finding similar objects. Our experiments show that our segmentation technique helps users quickly segment various types of scenes, outperforming alternative methods.
doi:10.1007/s41095-017-0078-4 fatcat:2x4djrxn5ff6tj75mp7ns6lppe