Strong ion difference excess and corrected strong ion difference model incorporating the variations in apparent dissociation constant for human blood plasma electro-neutrality equilibria

Amar P S Rana, Sam Pal Rana, Jay Pal Rana, Sumarjeet Singh
Indian journal of physiology and pharmacology  
We introduce computed value of the corrected Strong Ion Difference (SID) by including the large variability of the apparent dissociation constant pK' in non-logarithmic form on SID in Henderson-Hasselbach bicarbonate ion aqueous equilibria thereby resulting in a significant correction of up to 27% in SID. We further introduce a new concept of Strong Ion Difference Excess (SIDE) as the change in SID from the reference value at pH = 7.4, pCO2 = 5.33 Kpa (or 40 torr). The SIDE is a particularly
more » ... s a particularly useful quick measure when one can rule out the effects of hemoglobin, weak proteins and unidentified components for human blood plasma.
pmid:17051730 fatcat:kf52bcmoabgjxfu3bi5q5ak6t4