Electroweak higher-order effects and theoretical uncertainties in deep-inelastic neutrino scattering

K.-P. O. Diener, S. Dittmaier, W. Hollik
2005 Physical Review D  
A previous calculation of electroweak O(alpha) corrections to deep-inelastic neutrino scattering, as e.g. measured by NuTeV and NOMAD, is supplemented by higher-order effects. In detail, we take into account universal two-loop effects from \Delta\alpha and \Delta\rho as well as higher-order final-state photon radiation off muons in the structure function approach. Moreover, we make use of the recently released O(alpha)-improved parton distributions MRST2004QED and identify the relevant QED
more » ... rization scheme, which is DIS like. As a technical byproduct, we describe slicing and subtraction techniques for an efficient calculation of a new type of real corrections that are induced by the generated photon distribution. A numerical discussion of the higher-order effects suggests that the remaining theoretical uncertainty from unknown electroweak corrections is dominated by non-universal two-loop effects and is of the order 0.0003 when translated into a shift in sin^2\theta_W=1-MW^2/MZ^2. The O(alpha) corrections implicitly included in the parton distributions lead to a shift of about 0.0004.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.72.093002 fatcat:te6apz6lnnau7mfi66nsjl3som