Christopher Blake
2021 International Journal of Whole Person Care  
Still, that has never kept humans from seeking order amidst the chaos: magic, science, religion, astrology, meteorology. Humans are programmed to create categories, put things in boxes, organize the present, and forecast the future. Physicians even more so. "What's your differential diagnosis for hypoxia? By organ system, please." "Patient's febrile, tachycardic, likely viral pneumonia -he's septic." Order means control. Order means a plan. Order means safety. Life and death. Sickness and
more » ... . We study the signs to keep ourselves on the right side of the divide. But now there is no order, no playbook or plan. So, we read the portents. It starts as a trickle, a rumour. A distant threat a world away from you and me. People are sick in China. Something respiratory. Viral pneumonia? The WHO claims transmission's not human-to-human but then why are so many people sick? Whatever they say, wider transmission feels inevitable. Cases crop up here and there, sprouting like mushrooms in a moribund spring. The radio announcer states that the risk to Canadians remains low. Meanwhile I stop taking the streetcar and drive to work instead. My O
doi:10.26443/ijwpc.v8i1.264 fatcat:s667d7kvrbh4tffuelsseezmqu