Genetic Analysis of Foxglove Aphid (Aulacorthum solani Kaltenbach) Resistance in Soybeans

Hong-Min Koh, Bo Yoon Seo, Kyung Hye Kim, Ji-Min Kim, Taeklim Lee, Jinho Heo, Jiyeong Jung, Jinkyo Jung, Sungteag Kang
2020 Korean Journal of Breeding Science  
Recent climate changes have resulted in high temperatures, a greater frequency of flooding, and outbreaks of various plant diseases and insect pests, the latter of which has been characterized by a change in pest type from crop chewing to sap-sucking insects. To date, however, there has been limited study of plant resistance to sap-sucking insects. This study was carried out to evaluate the resistance and genetic patterns of the foxglove aphid Aulacorthum solani, a sap-sucking pest of soybean.
more » ... e investigated the growth and reproduction of the foxglove aphid on five different varieties of soybean showing either susceptibility or resistance to this aphid in a non-choice test. Genetic analysis was conducted using the two F2 populations derived from Daepung (susceptible to foxglove aphid) × IT104704 (resistant to foxglove aphid) and Daepung × IT188399 (resistant to foxglove aphid) crosses, which were evaluated for their responses to foxglove aphids. Differences in the responses of resistant and susceptible varieties were confirmed by monitoring aphid growth and reproduction. Although the two resistant germplasms (IT104704 and IT188399) have a strong antibiosis effect, they showed a slight difference with respect to aphid viability. Genetic analysis of foxglove aphid resistance showed that resistance was governed by a single dominant gene in IT104704 (3:1, p=0.11). We accordingly identified two resistant resources showing antibiosis to foxglove aphid, which is reported here for the first time, and also detected differences in genetic behavior. These results could be useful not only with respect to securing materials showing resistance to the foxglove aphid but also in the breeding of new foxglove aphid-resistant soybean cultivars.
doi:10.9787/kjbs.2020.52.4.354 fatcat:u6q6t2wwyfbcvaobmrim67vqyi