Effects of a Compatibilizer on the Tensile Properties of Low-Density Polyethylene/Modified Starch Blends

Jin-Woo Park, Gue-Hyun Kim, Jin-Bok Moon
2013 Journal of Environmental Science International  
In this study, thermoplastic starch (TPS), cross-linked starch (CS), and cross-linked starch modified with glycerol (CTPS) were prepared, and the mechanical properties of the compatibilized low-density polyethylene (LDPE) blends (LDPE/TPS, LDPE/CS, and LDPE/CTPS) were investigated and compared with those of uncompatibilized LDPE/TPS, LDPE/CS, and LDPE/CTPS blends. Maleic-anhydride-grafted polyethylene was used as the compatibilizer. The enhanced tensile strength and elongation at break for the
more » ... ompatibilized LDPE/modified starch blends are a result of the improved compatibility between LDPE and the modified starch, which was confirmed by torque measurements and scanning electron microscopy.
doi:10.5322/jesi.2013.22.10.1287 fatcat:mktczm3korh7vb6f7keosnjafq