Perspective projects of placement of RES energy plants at the offshore structures and on them

I. V. Dunichkin, O. I. Poddaeva, E. A. Suverina
2018 Power and Autonomous equipment  
In the scientific study, the offshore oil and gas production platforms were considered after the exhaustion of hydrocarbon reserves. An alternative to dismantling is the possibility of refitting and retrofitting prospective structures for the function of energy production. The general problem of determining the climatic offshore oil and gas fields is also considered. For the development of maritime infrastructure, a design development was added to complement the functionality of offshore
more » ... of offshore platforms for energy production. The chosen methods for developing.The subject of the study: the subject of the study are offshore oil and gas production platforms, marine power plants for power generation and bioenergy objects.Objectives: the purpose of the study is to identify options for the use of offshore hydraulic installations in marine offshore platforms for generating energy and locating bioenergetic facilities.Materials and methods: in the course of the work, various options for the use of offshore platforms in the field of renewable energy sources are considered, without the need for disposal of objects.Results: as a result of the work, the project of the experimental energy complex of bioreactor and biocultivator EECBB and RES.Conclusions: the energy sector has the opportunity to be environmentally friendly and rely on the principles of sustainable development.
doi:10.32464/2618-8716-2018-1-1-35-45 fatcat:4zzuq6tdojgozibdlvmeelv7c4