Dental Nonmetric Traits in a Pre-Conquest Sample from Chubut Region of Patagonia, Argentina

Gabriel A. Bollini, Carlos David Rodríguez-Flórez, Sonia E. Colantonio
2018 Dental Anthropology Journal  
Dental morphological trait expressionshave been used in anthropology and forensic sciences fordetermination of biological and geographical affiliations.The present study was carried out with a Chubut preconquestsample from Patagonia, Argentina. 18 skullswith partial dentitions from Chubut (Patagonia) wereanalyzed. The ASU Dental Anthropology System wasused to register the expression grade of all dental traits.In spite of small sample sizes, we can conclude thatshovel shape (UI1, UI2), two
more » ... l premolar cusps(UP1, UP2), and hypocone (UM1, UM2) frequenciessuggest a Mongoloid (Sinodont) origin.
doi:10.26575/daj.v21i2-3.102 fatcat:lepyuertyja5nlxlj3rtz5f7xu