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In 1900– 1908 "Masis" appeared as a literary weekly being one of the best Armenian publications in the field. Thanks to editors T. Arpiaryan and A. Enovqn, western Armenian representatives of literary and literary criticism genre (e.g., Gr. Zohrap, M. Metsarents, R. Sevak, Art. Harutyunyan, Z. Esayan, A. Antonyan, E. Temirchipashyan, H. Alpiar, T. Chyokuryan and others) united around "Masis" promoting the development of Armenian literature. "Masis" brought forward its vision and preferences
more » ... oducing its readers not only to the national artistic values but also to other nations' literary and aesthetic movements (e.g., realism, romanticism, symbolism, decadence, etc.) In its publications about the development of the national literature, the weekly paper aimed at difference in length of sight through the reflection of general outlook of the state–of–the–art literary and aesthetic perceptions.
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