Stress Analysis of Bolts Failure in Flange Joint of Coiler Drum in Steckel Furnace by Using Fem Methods

P Awachat, V Parate, S Jane
2016 International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Science   unpublished
FEM is the method of very simple & easiest choice in all types of analysis in structural mechanics i.e. solving for deformation and stresses in solid bodies or dynamics of structures& any type of construction either in civil or mechanical field. The most attractive feature of the FEM is its ability to handle complicated geometries and boundaries with relative ease. The steps used in FEM methods are simple & convenient for failure problems of mechanical parts. This paper presents the insight of
more » ... tress analysis in a bolted joint of Collar Drum in Steckel Mill under load & software is used as ANSYS for the analysis of the mechanical parts to find out its structureral analysis. Present work includes finite element approach to study the results of failure of flange joint of Coiler Drum. A three-dimensional finite element model of a bolted joint has been developed using Pro-E wildfire 4.0 and analysis has been done in ANSYS 11 commercial packages. Modeling of Flange joint is done and then Structural analysis has been performed. Results obtained after analysis was then articulated which show good agreement. Finally, critical areas were identified and confirmed with the stress distribution results from simulation. The FEA outputs, such as stress and strain (Deformation), can be used with failure criteria to predict failure. This paper shows the result of Ansys analysis of mechanical parts in figures.