Doctrinal comprehension of cyber terrorism in the context of intensive development of information and communication technologies in the modern world

Dmitry V. Lobach, Alexey Y. Mamychev, Olga I. Miroshnichenko, Lidiia Moskvych
2021 Laplage em Revista  
The paper examines the doctrinal aspects of understanding cyber terrorism as an atypical manifestation (form) of traditional terrorism updated in light of the intensive development and widespread dissemination of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the modern world. The conclusion is substantiated that cyber terrorism is a conceptually relevant concept, which is perceived either as a method of committing a terrorist act (reduced understanding), or as any crimes of a terrorist
more » ... ure that are committed using information and communication technologies (broad understanding). Analysis and generalization of scientific positions allowed us to define this phenomenon of social reality as the illegal use of information and communication technologies in relation to computer information, computer systems and networks in critical segments of the state and in the private sector, which pose a risk of death, causing significant property damage or the onset of other socially dangerous consequences, with the aim of whipping up fear and tension, as well as influencing the authorities for political or other motives characteristic of the ideology of terrorism.
doi:10.24115/s2446-6220202172702p.201-208 fatcat:zk3r7iwgh5cobe5ausbpzk23py