Design, Modeling and Analysis of a Sharp-edge Hypersonic Stealthy Re-entry Vehicle

Guofu Liu, Daochun Li, Jinwu Xiang, Wenli Luo
2015 Procedia Engineering  
In 2005 and in 2012, the SHarp Edge Flight EXperiment SHEFEX I and SHEFEX II of DLR have been established. Low lift-todrag ratio of them limits active control ability. This paper studies on a sharp-edge stealthy re-entry vehicle with high lift-to-drag ratio. The focus will be laid upon designing and modeling of a sharp-edge stealthy re-entry vehicle by analyzing of lift-to-drag ratio and center of gravity, and also upon stealth performance researches. All aerodynamic performance analysis are
more » ... ed on Modified Newtonian Theory, it's proved to be more precise for a sharp-edge hypersonic re-entry vehicle relative to the Piston Theory and Shock-Expansion Method. A procedure based on physical optics and method of equivalent currents for radar cross section calculation. As result, the configuration and the center of gravity are determined, and a good stealth performance is demonstrated.
doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2014.12.521 fatcat:jc2mulppujdrbbi7ea2k3j7nly