1903 The Lancet  
406 tuberculin test gave a positive reaction was regarded as cc tuberculous, even if he had scarcely any other symptom of in the disease. This class of patients, of course, recovered and in that way improved the statistical results. He had, moreover, found that the tuberculin test reacted positively in A patients suffering from rheumatism, gastric troubles, and , Y( other conditions where not the least suspicion of tuberculosi6 C( existed. This test, he said, did not prove anything as to the C(
more » ... presence of tuberculosis, and he believed that many of the for patients in sanatoriums were not tuberculous at all. for -PT'O/MCT' von Esniarch's Birthday.
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(00)66169-x fatcat:uhsvpes5r5g6zgv7ymeqgogkty