Radiation-Related Heart Disease: Current Knowledge and Future Prospects

Klaus R. Trott, David J. Cutter, Roy E. Shore, Louis S. Constine, Marjan Boerma, Sarah C. Darby, Lori J. Pierce, Kiyohiko Mabuchi, Fred A. Mettler, Edward T.H. Yeh, Kazunori Kodama, Lawrence B. Marks (+1 others)
The heart has traditionally been considered a radio-resistant organ that would be unaffected by cardiac doses below about 30 Gray. During the last few years, however, evidence that radiation-related heart disease can occur following lower doses has emerged from several sources. These include studies of breast cancer patients, who received mean cardiac doses of 3–17 Gray when given radiotherapy following surgery, and studies of survivors of the atomic bombings of Japan who received doses of up to 4 Gray.
doi:10.17615/xzwp-nb75 fatcat:3uwfycs7fbcrbeq6ytdqifcjju