1P466 Successive dissection and recovery of chromosome nano-fragments and direct BAC mapping onto chromosomes by scanning probe microscopy(22. Genome biology,Poster Session,Abstract,Meeting Program of EABS &BSJ 2006)

Shigeru Sugiyama, Kazumi Tsukamoto, Takeshi Yamauchi, Seigo Kuwazaki, Tomoyuki Yoshino, Junichi Wakayama, Satoshi Akanuma, Megumi Sasou, Hirokazu Takahashi, Kimiko Yamamoto, Toshio Ohtani
2006 Seibutsu Butsuri  
Institute of Agrobiulegicu] Sciences. :National Feod Research lnHtitute, NARO Atomic force mieroscep}, (AFM) can obzain nnnometer scate rcsolution of topegraphic of bie-maLcrials vvithout any staining nor eoating, IVle huve developed a novel and ct'tlcient genomic analysis method eu the SPM teehnoLogy combined vvith rnolecular biology techniques to accelerate a genontic research, Prcsent genome aiiulysis too]s. such as shot-gun method ure sllitabEe for whole genomc nnd largc scale randem
more » ... scale randem unuiysis but reqnirc a le: of eosl and time. Thus, t]iesc tools are considered to be imappropiiatc for local or point mialyscs of dcsired regions on the genomes. Ollr ncw 'isniper method" -'il] be a usefu[ tool suitablc tbr the regienspecifie unalysis on the gcnornc, which will be ahle lo contribute to small scalc, cost-and lime-suving genome analyses ofvarieus animal and plant species, We report here tlic recent results with this tecinLiquc applied Lo our target inscct silkwerm. S-le established a method te dissect and recover chrornosome 1'ragments -,ith 200-300 nm width (scc relared poster), and also succecded in the amplifications of a part of DNA t'rom the chromosome na]o-ftugments by the improvement uf amplth'uution methods for traee amount of DNA. The sequence ef Lhe umplified
doi:10.2142/biophys.46.s263_2 fatcat:t52fxtqljrdsljmwfkv7555nf4