Endometriozisli hastalarda ovulasyon indüksiyonu ajanı olarak letrozol ve gonedotropinlerin karşılaştırılması: prospektif randomize çalışma

Tolga Atakul, S.Özlem Altınkaya, Gökalp Öner, Mahmut Tuncay Özgün, Yılmaz Şahin, Ercan Mustafa Aygen
2020 Pamukkale Medical Journal  
This study aimed to compare the effects of letrozole and gonadotropins for ovulation induction in infertile patients with stage 1-2 endometriosis. Materials and methods: Twenty patients who underwent diagnostic laparoscopy and histologically diagnosed stage 1-2 endometriosis were included in this prospective randomized study. Patients who planned to continue with timed sexual intercourse were randomized into two treatment groups including letrozole (n=10) or gonadotropins (n=10) for minimum
more » ... e and maximum five treatment cycles. Results: Ovulation occurred in 37/45 cycles (82.2%) in the letrozole group and 32/37 cycles (86.4%) in the gonadotropin group, without statistically significant difference (p=0.590). Total number of follicles was significantly higher in gonadotropin group on the day of hCG administration (2.33±0.71 vs. 3.05±0.91, p<0.001). Clinical pregnancy rates both per completed cycles and per patients were similar between two groups (8.1% vs. 9.4%, p=0.850 and 30% vs. 30%, p=1.000; respectively). Conclusions: Letrozole is well tolerated and cost effective ovulation induction agent in patients with endometriosis and effects of letrozole for ovulation induction were comparable to gonadotropins.
doi:10.31362/patd.548470 fatcat:55bzkslfyff47azmde2pzsktyq