Analysis and Corresponding Measures on Subsynchronous Resonance of Series Compensated Transmission for Large-scale Coal-fired Power Base in China

Du Ning, Song Rui-Hua, Liu Chuan-Wen, Chen Zhen-Zhen, Xiang Zu-Tao, Ban Lian-Geng
2014 Journal of International Council on Electrical Engineering  
This paper investigates the risk assessment of subsynchronous resonance for series compensated UHV transmission of Ximeng coal-fired power base, which exemplifies a common problem in the development of the power grid in China. To avoid the problem of huge computational amount of offline analysis on subsynchronous resonance, a new method of online analysis and forewarning based on time-domain simulation is proposed. In addition, various suppression measures are summarized and discussed, as well
more » ... discussed, as well as combination of multiple measures.
doi:10.5370/jicee.2014.4.2.102 fatcat:gr55nomsjzbstddxmduvleu3me