Inclined Pileup of Edge Dislocations Near the Crack Tip [report]

A. C. Eringen, G. D. Dhondt
1986 unpublished
The formation of a plastic zone, in the form of a linear array of inclined edge dislocations in front of a mode I crack in plane strain, is studied. The direction of the force field on an edge dislocation due to the crack load allows for the determination of the plastic zone as a function of the inclination angl&. The dislocation distribution along the plastic zone is found from force equihibdum considerations. The results show the presence of a dislocation frce zone (DFZ) and a shrinking of
more » ... plastic zone size with greater angle of inclination. lii ltter angle does not seem to influence the DFZ size. The way in which we detemined the stress field allows us to study the influence of defects on the plastic aom Z formation. V. : 2 A . ' % %' ~ N . .-N 1 0% 'S * Method of approach. 9 '. REPORT NUMBER 2. GOVT ACCESSION NO. 2. RECIPIENT'S CATALOG NUMBER 4. TITLE (and Subtitle) S. TYPE OF REPORT & PERIOD COVERED
doi:10.21236/ada175610 fatcat:ewgjhz52rzbmbbptmth47dbahu