2018 Knowledge Cultures  
Architecture is constructed not only in its images of objects, but also in its idealization of authorship. While the one-to-one association of Architect with "their" Architecture perpetuates the illusion of the discipline's agency and fosters impossible expectations of absolute control, broadly speaking, the originary and utopian impulse remains a fundamental component of an architect's identity. The following paper confronts the largely unelaborated myths of the Architect's Architecture
more » ... ed by architectural discourse by way of three exaggerated Architectural figures depicted in works of fiction: Howard Roark (The Fountainhead), Stourley Kracklite (The Belly of an Architect) and The Architect (The Matrix trilogy). More specifically, the paper uses these heroic/antiheroic figures to explore three alternative relations of "Architect" to "their Architecture". As such, the discussion performs two functions: it tests the fictionality of fictional and non-fictional constructs that reinforce and personify the myth of Architectural authorship, measuring fictional figures against non-fictional figures; and it presents an heuristic, offering both a perspective on the history of twentieth century architecture, and a means with which to negotiate cultural positioning in the ongoing present.
doi:10.22381/kc6220186 fatcat:dmtwjlq2izez7nkqugrsgzjtui