JavaFX Charts: Implementation of Missing Features

Grzegorz Kruk, Olivier Da Silva Alves, Luca Molinari, Matilla, ÓScar (Ed.), Schaa, Volker RW (Ed.), FernáNdez, David (Ed.), Costa, Isidre (Ed.)
JavaFX, the GUI toolkit included in the standard JDK, provides charting components with commonly used chart types, a simple API and wide customization possibilities via CSS. Nevertheless, while the offered functionality is easy to use and of high quality, it lacks a number of features that are crucial for scientific or controls GUIs. Examples are the possibility to zoom and pan the chart content, superposition of different plot types, data annotations, decorations or a logarithmic axis. The
more » ... thmic axis. The standard charts also show performance limitations when exposed to large data sets or high update rates. The article will describe the how we have implemented the missing features and overcome the performance problems.
doi:10.18429/jacow-icalepcs2017-tupha186 fatcat:qihc5sufifhb5ko4oj54cxlgly