Gaining Knowledge and Skills with Dyslexia and other SpLDs [book]

Ginny Stacey, Sally Fowler
Great! This is a book for dyslexic/SpLD people about strategies for gaining knowledge (input, storage), and about accessing and demonstrating knowledge (recall, output). The book allows you to navigate the content in your own way and be rewarded with personally relevant information. It encourages you to develop your "tool bag for living confidently". Exploring the useful preface and glossary guides you around the content of this book and links you to others in the series. I have been using
more » ... iques Ginny taught me for many years.' -Dr Mary Eld, former SpLD student of Ginny Stacey, UK Gaining Knowledge and Skills with Dyslexia and other SpLDs lays the foundation for skilling dyslexic/ SpLD people so that they can be autonomous, confident people, who can use their full potential with minimal disruption from the dyslexia/ SpLD. It is a comprehensive manual for helping dyslexic/ SpLD people, whether the help is given by specialist teachers, subject teachers, professionals of all kinds, family and friends, or the general public such as shop keepers. There are lists of the most important ideas for policy-makers and general readers so that they can support best practice for helping dyslexic/ SpLD people. The book advocates changes of attitude that will be good for everyone but which are VITAL for dyslexic/ SpLD people. It is not proposing expensive solutions, though it does recognise that there will be times when accommodation is needed for some effects of dyslexia/ SpLD that an individual cannot work round. The book recognises that dyslexia/ SpLDs are variable syndromes that need constant monitoring. Given a range of skills and knowledge to draw on, a dyslexic/ SpLD person needs to be able to select the most suitable ones for any particular situation. Confidence grows when dyslexia/ SpLD can be managed well; dyslexic/ SpLD people can then function at their best.
doi:10.4324/9781315461137 fatcat:4lctqjw42zhwzjkqpi4kh67ttm