Models, Approaches, and Techniques of Educational Supervision to Improve Teachers' Professionalism

Munjiatun Munjiatun
2019 International Conference of Moslem Society  
This paper examines the models, approaches and techniques of educational supervision implementation in schools. In the world of education, supervision is an integral part of the efforts to improve learning achievement and school's quality. Controlling or supervision is nothing but an effort to provide services to education stakeholders, especially teachers, done both individually and in groups in light of the improvement of the quality of learning processes and learning outcomes. Educational
more » ... ervision is also defined as a process of monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure that all educational activities within educational institutions are carried out as planned and, at the same time, as activities to correct and improve in case of deviations that will interfere the process of objective achievement. In carrying out supervision, supervisors must understand the models, approaches and techniques of educational supervision as a provision of knowledge and skills to carry out their supervisory duties in schools. There are several models in educational supervision, namely: a) conventional (traditional) model, b) scientific model, (c) clinical model, and d) artistic model. The approaches that can be applied by the supervisors in conducting supervision, namely the directive approach, non directive approach and collaborative approach, while the techniques that can be used are two, namely individual and group techniques. Without considering the models, approaches, and techniques, the implementation of supervision might not run in line with the expectations.
doi:10.24090/icms.2019.2436 fatcat:6iya6lj52rhlxm7fiqohca7bqq