The Role of Data & Program Code Archives in the Future of Economic Research [report]

Richard G. Anderson, William H. Greene, Bruce D. McCullough, H. D. Vinod
2005 unpublished
This essay examines the role of data and program-code archives in making economic research "replicable." Replication of published results is recognized as an essential part of the scientific method. Yet, historically, both the "demand for" and "supply of" replicable results in economics has been minimal. "Respect for the scientific method" is not sufficient to motivate either economists or editors of professional journals to ensure the replicability of published results. We enumerate the costs
more » ... nd benefits of mandatory data and code archives, and argue that the benefits far exceed the costs.
doi:10.20955/wp.2005.014 fatcat:7ggko4bzrbgs5bzfmmxy2hrrfq