Level of Awareness of Department of Hospitality and Tourism Students on the Nutritional Value of Meals

Comfort Gyeduaah
2018 unpublished
This study assessed the level of awareness of Department of Hospitality and Tourism students on the Nutritional Value of Meals. A descriptive survey was employed for this study. The data that were gathered with the use of questionnaires were analysed through the computation of frequencies, percentages, mean of means and standard deviation distributions. It was found out that students had a high level of awareness of the nutritional value of meals. In line with this, students read the
more » ... read the nutritional content of all canned foods before using them and did not just eat whatever was available. A lot of factors such as level of income; time for taking a meal; health implications; preference among other things influenced students' choice of a particular meal. It was recommended that Ministry of Health, Food and Drugs Authority and health professionals should intensify education on the nutritional value of meals since some of the students still failed to consider that.