Combining Chemical Knowledge and Quantum Calculation for Interpreting Low-Energy Product Ion Spectra of Metabolite Adduct Ions: Sodiated Diterpene Diester Species as a Case Study [component]

We investigated the product ion spectra of [M+Na] + from diterpene diester species and low molecular mass metabolites analyzed by electrospray ionization (ESI). Mainly, the formation of protonated salt structures was proposed to explain the observed neutral losses of carboxylic acids. It also facilitates understanding sodium retention on product ions or on neutral losses. In addition, the occurrence of consecutive carboxylic acid losses is rather unexpected under resonant excitation conditions.
more » ... Quantum calculation demonstrated that the exothermic character of such neutral losses can represent a relevant explanation. There is no doubt that the formation and role of the protonated salt structures will be helpful for a better understanding and software-assisted interpretation of tandem mass spectra from small molecules, especially in the ever-growing metabolomics field.
doi:10.1021/jasms.1c00154.s001 fatcat:detpppis6bhfzlt3i2b7h6ouou