Application of calcium montmorillonite on flame resistance, thermal stability and interfacial adhesion in polystyrene nanocomposites

Feng-Ling Lu, Ming-Xia Shen, Yi-Jiao Xue, Shao-Hua Zeng, Shang-Neng Chen, Ling-Yun Hao, Lu Yang
2019 E-Polymers  
To exploit the application of calcium montmorillonite (CaMt) and improve the flame resistance of polystyrene (PS), two kinds of long carbon chain quaternary ammonium bromides with different spatial effect (i.e., cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) and didodecyl dimethyl ammonium bromide (DDAB)) were used to intercalate CaMt for yielding corresponding organic calcium montmorillonite (CaOMt). The PS nanocomposites containing CaOMt (PS/CaOMt) were prepared by melt blending method. The effects
more » ... thod. The effects of CaOMt on flame resistance, thermal stability, tensile properties and interfacial adhesion of PS/CaOMt were investigated. The results showed that both CTAB and DDAB were intercalated into CaMt to get CaOMt with an exfoliated/intercalated structure, which could endue good interfacial adhesion and thermal stability for PS/CaOMt. All peak values of flame resistance parameters of PS/CaOMt decreased and corresponding combustion times were postponed obviously. Moreover, Young's modulus of DDAB-intercalated PS/CaOMt was improved by 49.1% while its tensile strength kept at the same level as PS.
doi:10.1515/epoly-2019-0012 fatcat:qi67mjrndvej3c57zl3atxbpje