Remixing Remix Remixed

Joshua Cornelis
Remix culture plays an important role in the expression and communication of visual art. It is a discourse by which I strive to directly engage culture by cutting and pasting together already existing visual information. By doing so, I strive to promote an exchange of ideas and feelings between juxtaposed pieces. In this age of post-digital era collage, I am interested in the meaning and propaganda associated with collage and assemblage and the modes of disseminating messages via cut-and-paste.
more » ... via cut-and-paste. By juxtaposing images that differ in style, content, and meaning, I am able to build panoramas of fractured identities that manifest themselves as overlays-on-overlays of distorted caricatures. Taking inspiration from sources as diverse as prehistoric cave paintings and street art mark-making, my work is a free association landscape that draws comparisons between unlikely references. With a single work, I attempt to say everything and nothing simultaneously. This denies permanence in meaning and celebrates the bizarre unknown. (2014) is a large-scale mural that investigates my own reference impulse -my compulsion to combine and redefme imagery via appropriation and collage. The work aims to create a shift from traditional perspective. By recycling unrelated segments of visual information, I have created a landscape of divergent space and alternative culture. The mural is used as a strategy to explore the potential of remix culture and the exploration of free culture that allows visual representations for a new system of social culture and artmaking. My thesis work Reference Complex
doi:10.7936/k7v985zr fatcat:hyqlq6z75bhdhbmo6axls5az4e